GO’s 2016 Endorsements


GO Public Schools Oakland Advocates endorsed the following Oakland school board candidates for the November 2016 elections.

District 1 — Jody London


District 3 — Jumoke Hinton Hodge


District 5 — Huber Trenado


District 7 — James Harris


Review all of the candidate’s questionnaires and Endorsement Day interviews.

Ballot Measures

GO Public Schools Oakland Advocates has endorsed the following ballot measures in 2016.


GO’s Endorsement Process

step 1


We send a questionnaire to each candidate that focuses on their policy positions and leadership experience. Once we collect completed versions from the candidates, the questionnaires are shared with our community, who then have a chance to provide feedback and let us know what they think.

step 2


We send invites to our community to attend a live interview day, where candidates are asked a series of questions in front of our community members. Based on the candidates’ interviews, we collect feedback from our constituents in the room.

step 3


Based on the candidate questionnaires, candidate interviews, and feedback from our community, our Leadership Council votes on endorsements.

GO Public Schools Oakland Advocates’ community plays an active role in local elections — endorsing candidates for Oakland school board, engaging on education-related ballot measures, and ensuring voters have information about education issues.

We are proud of how our candidate interview and endorsement process benefits our community:

  • Families, educators, and other community members gain important information and consider each candidate’s and/or measure’s qualifications.
  • The process creates dialogue that allows community members to clarify values and priorities for all students within our public education system.
  • We provide information for the general voting public as citizens consider how to vote.

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