2016 Policy Agenda

When GO endorses candidates and ballot measures, we do so because they align with our policy agenda. These short- and long-term goals to improve Oakland’s public schools need champions of all types across our city, including families, educators, and elected officials. 

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This policy agenda is based on a simple idea: Every student deserves a fair opportunity to be successful in life. For many, the backbone of that opportunity is their education. We owe it to them. To deliver that education, we need to focus policy change in four critical areas.


Excellent Schools

We believe that all students deserve excellent schools which provide the foundation upon which all students and build happy and successful lives.

Great Teachers

We believe in the power of teachers to change the lives of students.

Family Leadership

We believe that families have the passion and expertise to demand and sustain the change that we need to create excellent schools for all students.

Excellent and Equitable System

We believe in the power of a public school system - including district and charter schools - to ensure excellence for all students.

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