GO Endorses James Harris for OUSD School Board, District 7

Read why Griselda McCoy, an Oakland parent, will support James this November

UPDATE: With 30 out of 30 precincts reporting, James Harris has successfully been re-elected to the school board. For more information, check out Ash’s blog on the election results.

James has been endorsed by the East Bay Times, the Oakland Post, and Oakland Magazine. 




On Thursday, July 28, 2016, Griselda McCoy, an Oakland public school parent, announced our endorsement of James Harris for the District 7 OUSD School Board seat. Here’s what she had to say: 

My name is Griselda McCoy and I am a District 7 resident and mother to three students in Oakland public schools. I’m also proud to be part of GO Public Schools Oakland Advocates, a coalition of families, educators and community residents working for excellent public schools. Over the last few weeks, we’ve spent time interviewing the candidates for school board, and we’re announcing our first endorsement.

Today, I am excited to share that GO Public Schools Oakland Advocates has endorsed James Harris in the District 7 school board race. I want to tell you why we think it’s so important to re-elect James to the school board, to continue the progress our schools are seeing.

James has been a part of our community, and he’s demonstrated for years through his actions that he’s devoted to our neighborhoods. James is dedicated to the students of East Oakland and works tirelessly to ensure that there are quality schools in our neighborhoods.

Over the past four years, James has:

  • Helped champion a 2014 effort to bring $120 million to Oakland high schools to give our students more opportunities through college and career readiness programs
  • Honed OUSD’s focus on alternative methods of discipline, like Restorative Justice, contributing to a 26 percent decrease in student suspensions
  • Supported the largest salary increase for our teachers in over a decade

I’ve seen James’s commitment close-up. When my daughter’s school lost several teachers mid year, James met with families repeatedly to hear our concerns and offer solutions.

James is an East Oakland native, and he understands the experiences and needs of our students, and has made it his priority to improve the schools in East Oakland. James is a former teacher and a father of two, who uses those perspectives on the issues facing our school system. He is also a talented leader; his school board colleagues elected him president twice during his first term in office.

It is because of James’ leadership and continued service to our students that I am casting my vote for him on November 8th. I hope you join me and the GO community in supporting James.

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