GO Endorses Jumoke Hinton Hodge for OUSD School Board, District 3

Read Why Renia Webb, a Mother of Five Children, Supports Jumoke Hinton Hodge

On Thursday, August 4, 2016, Renia Webb, an Oakland public school parent, announced our endorsement of Jumoke Hinton Hodge for the District 3 OUSD School Board seat. Here’s what she had to say: 

UPDATE: With 43 out of 43 precincts reporting, Jumoke Hinton Hodge has successfully been re-elected to the school board. For more information, check out Ash’s blog on the election results. 

Jumoke has been endorsed by the East Bay Times and by Oakland Magazine. 

My name is Renia Webb and every day, I criss-cross Oakland to make sure my children receive a quality education. I am a part of GO Public Schools Oakland Advocates’ coalition of families, educators, and community members because I believe in the mission to ensure there are quality schools in every neighborhood.

I appreciate GO’s school board endorsement process where, as a community, we gather to hear from all the candidates and then provide feedback on who GO should endorse. On July 16th, I participated in my first endorsement process and came away from the experience empowered and proud. Today, I am announcing that we, at GO, are endorsing Jumoke Hinton Hodge in the District 3 school board race so that we can continue the progress she helped make.

Jumoke has developed a understanding of Oakland Unified and, more importantly, she strives to uplift every child. She believes in equity and giving access to all.

As a leader on the board, Jumoke has:

  • Been a leading voice on the creation of the nationally recognized Office of African American Male Achievement
  • Helped guide the district out of state control and onto a path of fiscal stability
  • Advocated for alternative forms of discipline, leading to a dramatic drop in suspension rates, particularly among our students of color
  • Pushed the Reinventing School Lunch program that will provide Oakland’s student with healthy, locally grown food options
  • Like our other endorsed candidates James Harris and Jody London, supported the largest salary increase for our teachers

My children attend schools in District 4 and 6, but we live in District 3 and my hope is that by the time my youngest is ready for school, there will be quality schools in every neighborhood. Jumoke is working to ensure that happens not just for West Oakland but for all of Oakland’s students. She is very active in District 3 and not only in regards to education, but also in creating a healthy community.

I support re-electing Jumoke because she fights for every student in District 3, especially our most underserved. The work to re-elect Jumoke starts now. I support Jumoke and ask you to do the same. And please, come to GO’s Garden Party so we can elect more great school board leaders like Jumoke.

I hope you will join me and the GO community in volunteering for Jumoke and casting your vote for her on November 8th.

Thank you

Renia Webb,

A proud Oakland mom of four OUSD students, and one future student

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