2018 Elections

Three seats on the Oakland Unified School District school board in California are up for general election on November 6, 2018, in Districts 2, 4, and 6

GO Public Schools Oakland Advocates and our Leadership Council relies on extensive input from the community when determining who to endorse for these seats, and we are looking for candidates who will support the work of our multiyear campaigns:

Budgeting for Impact

Core Belief: To best serve each student equitably, public school districts, with their limited resources, must be financially prudent and laser focused on excellence. It is critical that educators and community members be involved in the developing best practices and systems change.

What We Do: GO will advocate for best financial practices by supporting District leaders, and deeply engage community members on the urgency and complexity of the tough decisions facing OUSD and the necessity of making those decisions.

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Core belief: We believe that every Oakland student has the right to a quality public education, but leaders, educators, and the community are not working together to address the quality and equity gaps in our schools. We believe that when we come together to actively manage and design for both current and future student need, we can provide a groundbreaking educational model.

What: GO will bring Oakland families, educators, and community leaders together to work for a more cohesive, cooperative, and equitable education system.

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