GO Board Watch: January 23, 2018

Welcome to GO’s School Board Watch for the meeting taking place Wednesday, January 24, 2018.

This week’s agenda includes the following key items:

  • Fiscal Vitality Update
  • Call for Full and Fair Funding for K-12 Public Education
  • Water Quality Update

Check out the full agenda.

Budget and Finance

Fiscal Vitality Update and Budget Revision #3

With the adoption of the Fiscal Solvency Board Resolution, the district set a target of $9 million in mid-year adjustments. The Board will hear an update from the Superintendent on the district’s progress in meeting these budget reduction targets, as well as the announcement of three phases for redesigning the central office.

In a related report, Supt. Johnson-Trammell will present on budget revisions as of January 18. This shows the ongoing work that needs to be done to ensure these savings are realized. The presentation will walk through each category to discuss progress to date and next steps.

Board Governance

Call for Full and Fair Funding of K-12 Public Education

The Board will vote on a resolution that would call on the state legislature to fund California public schools at the national average or higher by 2020. The resolution notes that despite being the sixth largest economy in the world, California ranks among states as 41st for per-pupil funding.


Water Quality Update

During the Superintendent’s Report, Supt. Johnson-Trammell will present an update on water quality issues across the district. Testing at district-run schools and child development centers was completed in December, and testing at charter schools is still ongoing. 15 schools have been found to have lead levels above the EPA Action Level of >15 parts per billion.  Of those, nine have been repaired. Mitigating the lead in the plumbing systems across the district is estimated to cost $38 million.

Until next time,
Marc Tafolla
Policy Director
GO Public Schools Oakland

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