No Endorsement in District 6

We have decided to make no endorsement in District 6. GO’s endorsement process involved nearly 100 community members participating in a candidate interview day, where we were able to hear from the candidates on a number of issues affecting our students and then provide feedback that was used for the endorsements. We heard from 2 candidates running for District 6 school board that day, and incumbent Shanthi Gonzales did not join the interview day. Since then, Director Gonzales is the only candidate who has qualified for the ballot and will face write-in challenger Anthony Wilson.

After reviewing the clear feedback from our community, our Leadership Council opted not to make an endorsement.

We applaud Director Shanthi Gonzales’ significant and consistent leadership on the budget challenges OUSD has faced over the past few years and are looking forward to continuing to work together on those issues. At the same time, Director Gonzales’ recent vote against the Community of Schools policy was disappointing to our community. We are working to ensure that our policies and practices support every child in our city, whether they attend a district or charter public school. We hope that, if re-elected, Director Gonzales will join us to move past the battleground of the district/charter wars and towards common ground on behalf of children, especially our most underserved children, in her second term.

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