We Endorse Prop 13 Reform and You Should Too!

Join the Fight to Fund Oakland Education

GO Public Schools Advocates Oakland is always thinking about how to serve all students, and that is why we proudly endorse Proposition 13 reform. The 2020 ballot initiative would close a corporate property-tax loophole and would bring in $45-50 million annually for Oakland Education.

Proposition 13 reform would:

  • Generate $11 billion across the state annually, with $5 billion in funding for education in California.
  • Would only apply to commercial property and not any residential property.
  • This is money that will stay local. This is revenue that will fund our schools, cities, counties, and special districts for services like health clinics, parks, and roads.

Spend three minutes with Robert Reich learning about the need for Proposition 13 reform.

What is GO doing to help?

We are committed to connecting Oaklanders with existing efforts and organizations that are focused on bringing more money into California schools. Over the last month, we have partnered with Evolve and hosted information sessions about Proposition 13 reform for our diverse network of parents, educators and community.

Join us and take action is now!

Click here to sign Evolve’s Proposition 13 reform petition to Governor Newsom.

Click here to attend a future event at GO about Proposition 13.

If you are interested in learning more about GO’s local advocacy or discussing other statewide efforts to increase education funding, e-mail me at ntahai@gopublicschools.org

In partnership,

Nima Tahai

Director of Educator Leadership

GO Public Schools Advocates Oakland

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