School Board Watch: Superintendent’s Workplan Priorities and Opportunity Ticket Update

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Item #19-1636

Every year, the Board of Education develops and adopts a strategic work plan to identify priorities for the school year. On August 14, Superintendent Johnson-Trammell presented her 2019-20 draft work plan. During the discussion, the board suggested that her work plan should focus only on the highest-level key performance outcomes, priority areas, strategies, actions, and deliverables for the district. The revised work plan, includes three priorities that build off of previous superintendents’ work plans, the Community of Schools Policy, and the Citywide Plan:

  1. Quality Community Schools: The district aims to have quality schools where every student graduates prepared for college, career, and community success. The three key strategies are:
    1. Provide teachers with high-quality professional development to transform teaching and leadership. 
    2. Implement targeted strategies to improve outcomes for students with the most needs. 
    3. Provide quality and fiscally sustainable school options in every neighborhood.
  1. Fiscal Vitality: Given the district’s financial challenges, they are focusing on ensuring long-term financial sustainability by prioritizing the most impactful resources and services for students with the greatest needs. The two key strategies are:
    1. Budget for student achievement. 
    2. Strengthen Facilities Bond Management.
  1. Organizational Wellness: The district is also prioritizing an organizational culture of equity, care, support, and accountability for central office, school site employees, and board governance. The three key strategies are:
    1. Develop mutual accountability between the central office and schools focused on teamwork, customer service, and quality execution. 
    2. Attract, develop, and retain highly effective employees.
    3. Implement effective engagement, communication, and connection with students and families.

Item #19-1835

As a result of the district’s Blueprint plan to increase academic achievement and excellence, there may be a need to consolidate, merge, and move programs and expand school sites and programs throughout the city. On March 4, 2019, the board approved the Opportunity Ticket, which would provide students who attend closing or merging schools with priority enrollment privileges in the following year to ensure they have a pathway to a higher, better-quality option. At that time, the Board also approved the creation of a working group that would make recommendations to the Superintendent for implementation in future years. The working group’s recommendations will be shared today based on the following three questions:

  1. What percent of seats should be allocated at receiving schools for students who receive an Opportunity Ticket?

2. Does the Opportunity Ticket apply to all students at moving/closing sites AND receiving sites?

3. Should students from closing charter schools receive an Opportunity Ticket?

Keep your eyes out for the next school board meeting, October 10 (moved to Thursday due to Yom Kippur), where according to the Board Meeting Yearlong Agenda, the Board will cover:

  • Quality Community Schools (Student Achievement) California School Dashboard: Annual Local Indicators Data Report for OUSD & Academic Update
  • Citywide Plan: Defined Autonomies Update 
  • Public Comment: Four charter schools likely to submit renewal petition
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