School Board Watch: OUSD’s Response to the County’s Conditional Budget Approval and Unfinished Business…

In addition to the topics above, a few of the seven charter schools up for renewal this Fall are likely to submit a renewal petition during public comment. 

For more, click here for the full agenda.Note: The Superintendent’s Workplan and Opportunity Ticket are agenda items that rolled over from the September 25th board meeting due to the disruption that forced the board meeting to adjourn. If the Thursday meeting is “willfully interrupted, the Board may move to the Committee Room as soon as practicable and resume the meeting. If the Board moves to the Committee Room, it will allow public comment–as necessary and if feasible–from the Great Room.”

Item #19-2052

On June 26, 2019, the Board adopted the 2019-20 OUSD Budget. Every year, districts must submit their adopted budget to their county for review. The Alameda County Office of Education (“ACOE”) completed its review and conditionally approved the budget pending receipt and analysis of four items:

  • The District’s 2018-19 Unaudited Actuals should end the fund balance of at least the amount projected in the Estimated Actuals by September 15.
  • The District’s 2019-20 Adopted Budget revisions include all recent amendments.
  • The District approves and adopts a plan that incorporates additional budget-balancing solutions.
  • The District revises a multi-year projection (MYP) that demonstrates a minimum required reserve of at least 2% for the current and subsequent years.

The Board’s response will be presented today and ACOE should make a final determination regarding the Adopted Budget by November 8, 2019.

Item #19-1636

The revised Superintendent’s Strategic Work Plan for 2019-20, includes three priorities: (1) Quality Community Schools (2) Fiscal Vitality (3) Organizational Wellness. These priorities build off of previous superintendents’ work plans, the Community of Schools Policy, and the Citywide Plan.

Item #19-1835

On March 4, 2019, the board approved the Opportunity Ticket, which would provide students who attend closing or merging schools with priority enrollment privileges in the following year to ensure they have a pathway to a higher, better-quality option. The Opportunity Ticket working group’s recommendations will be shared today.

For a more detailed summary of the Superintendent’s work plan priorities and the Opportunity Ticket updates, click here

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