BOARD WATCH: Updated English Language Learners (ELL) Masterplan

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Item #20-0049

Every school district in California is required to have an English Language Learners (ELL) Master Plan that outlines the district’s framework to ensure they are providing effective services and programs for those students. While OUSD Board policy regarding ELLs sets the direction for those services, the Master Plan clarifies how the policy will be implemented at both central office and school sites. 

OUSD’s current Master Plan was written in 2015 (officially passed in November 2016) and outlines the four following areas: 

  • ELL Identification, Program Placement, and Reclassification (i.e. intake process)
  • Instructional Program for ELLs (i.e. language programs, professional development)
  • Family & Community Engagement (i.e. school site committees, supporting parent participation)
  • Monitoring, Evaluation, and Accountability (i.e. complaint spending, success metrics, recommended intervention/actions)

Given new legislative changes and the increasing ELL student population (now 32.2%), the Master Plan needs to be updated to reflect changes like new multilingual program requirement regulations, changes to the state’s English Language Proficiency Test, and clarifications in OUSD’s procedures for school site ELL subcommittees. The proposed changes will be reviewed and up for adoption at tonight’s board meeting. You can find the 2020 updated plan here.

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