3 real opportunities for more Oakland school funding in 2020

Despite being one of the wealthiest states in the nation, and the fifth-largest economy in the world, California ranks near the bottom of the list in per-pupil funding, earning it an “F” grade, from the Education Law Center. California spends half as much as the top-funded state in the nation, $11,000 per student versus more than $22,000 in New York. This lack of education funding only deepens other social inequities in housing and healthcare and places California’s most marginalized students at an increased disadvantage. 

In addition to the lack of state funding to cover basic day-to-day operating costs, OUSD has estimated that a total of $3 billion is needed for facility repairs and upgrades to ensure the Oakland students have safe learning environments. The district has also predicted it will need to make an additional $26M in budget cuts in the next two years to remain fiscally solvent. Oakland’s budget crisis has been persistent and our students deserve better. 

Here are 3 different ballot measures at the state or local level that could help get us to closer to more appropriate school funding levels:

  1. (Vote Yes on November 3!) Schools and Communities First 
  2. (Vote Yes on March 3!) School and College Facilities Bond 
  3. (Potential Bond Measure In Development) Oakland City-Wide School Facilities Bond 

Read more about each of them below. GO has officially endorsed the first two measures and we encourage you to vote yes in March and November for Oakland students.

Click here to print this graphic as a one-pager for distribution in your school, neighborhood, or organization: http://bit.ly/MoreSchoolFunding.

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