GO’s March 3rd Education Voter Guide

March 3rd is a big day for Oakland students. Voters will go to the polls to make important decisions that will shape educational opportunity right here in Alameda County, across the state of California, and in the presidential primary. Voting is already underway. You can vote by mail now through March 3, or you can vote early at some polling locations. Learn more about the primary election, where to vote, and important deadlines here

Check out GO’s education voter guide below to help you get ready and make sure your vote is a vote for Oakland students. 

Alameda County Board of Education Election

Three out of seven ACBOE board trustees represent different parts of Oakland. One of those three seats is up for re-election on March 3. Two candidates are running for that seat: Amber Childress (Board Trustee Area 2 Incumbent) and Angela Normand (Teacher). 

The board has oversight of: hearing charter petitions and appeals, hearing student and family appeals, and managing student programs for special populations. 

Click the image below to learn more about ACBOE elections and print a one-pager to share with your community about the role of this body.

Vote Yes on Prop 13 State Bond

Prop 13 is a state-wide bond measure (separate from Prop 13 reform, Schools and Communities First, that will be on the November 2020 ballot) that would allocate $15 billion to ensure safe, modernized, and renovated facilities for students. 

OUSD’s board officially supports the bond as of 10/23/19, and we at GO have endorsed the measure too. We encourage you to vote yes. It’s estimated that OUSD has $3 billion in needs for facilities upgrades and they may be one of the qualifying districts with high needs, given the status of their finances and severely hazardous facilities.

Click the image below to learn more about state-level initiatives and print a one-pager to share with your community here: http://bit.ly/MoreSchoolFunding.

Presidential Candidates’ Stance on Education

Although education is primarily the responsibility of state and local districts, the president plays a powerful role at the federal level for setting priorities and allocating funding. Unlike in past presidential primary elections, this year California is voting early enough to have a greater influence on who the next candidates will be.

Interested in local politics? Get involved! Join the Election Squad at GO. Email me at vsteele@goublicschools.org to learn more.  

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