BOARD WATCH: OUSD’s Learning Continuity and Attendance Plan, Distance Learning Board Policy, and Board Funds

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Item #20-1641

Senate Bill 98 established that the Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) and Annual Update are not required for the 2020–21 school year, instead, districts in the state are now tasked with presenting a Learning Continuity and Attendance Plan (LCP). The LCP is a new tool designed to explain to students, families, and stakeholders how the District will provide in-person and distance learning for 20-21. The bill is also mandating a public hearing that allows the community to  share their input on the proposed strategies, actions, and expenditures. 

At today’s board meeting, OUSD will be conducting their public hearing of their Learning Continuity and Attendance Plan. The plan outlines the District’s approach to things like: addressing the unique needs of students with high needs, addressing unfinished learning that resulted from extended school closures, supporting student and staff mental health, providing students with continued access to food. The plan is organized  in the following three sections:

The district will also be presenting details of the use of federal and state funding, including new learning loss mitigation funds, to support this work (a total of $159,757,995 ). The board is expected to adopt the plan by September 23rd. 

Item #20-1597

Last month, Director James Harris proposed a Distance Learning Policy (BP6007) that directs the Superintendent or designee to develop a Distance Learning Master Plan with input from stakeholders to ensure adequate resources and sufficient support for all students and staff so that all students can learn grade-level content. The proposed policy lays out the following criteria shall be implemented while creating the plan:

  1. Input from key stakeholders such as teachers and other instructional staff, principals students, and families 
  2. Opportunities for and drawbacks to all components of the educational experience, including career technical education programs, alternative education programs, and student internships
  3. Ongoing costs given the need for regular replacement of devices 
  4. The social-emotional wellness of students, families, and staff 
  5. Facilities capacity 
  6. The need to monitor and evaluate impact of distance learning in order to refine 
  7. Needs of students who need additional and/or intensive support 

Today the board will be having their second reading to further discuss and develop. 

Item #20-1777

This past June, the Board approved $7,000 for each board member in discretionary funds. Vice President Shanthi Gonzalez and Director Jumoke Hinton-Hodge will be proposing possible uses of their budgets. Vice President Shanthi Gonzalez would like to invest in onboarding new school board members joining the board in January and Director Jumoke Hinto-Hodge would like to invest in training for board members around implicit bias and racial equity. Each of  these proposals would likely require contributions from the discretionary fund of most (if not all) Board members. Tonight the board will discuss how they would like to move forward with the proposals. You can find both proposals here

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