How to Use Outreach Circle

Thank you for volunteering to connect with friends about school board elections. One of the most effective ways to influence voters is for them to hear directly from their friends.

Outreach Circle allows you to find which of your email contacts are officially registered to vote in each district. Outreach Circle then gives you the option to pick which of them you’d like to send a personalized email to share more about who you are supporting and why. 

Outreach Circle won’t look like spam email and won’t compromise your or your friends privacy (and you can exclude anyone that you don’t want to contact for whatever reason), but it will help us get folks to make it to the end of their long ballot and turn out the vote for school board directors. 

How do I log in?

-Log in from this link: 

How to use Outreach Circle (choose your learning style, you don’t have to review all)

I like to read instructions:  Review these slides

I like to hear instructions:  Watch an explanation video

I like to watch someone model it:  Watch a video in action

Note:  Please note that we have disabled the texting option and will only be using the email option

If you need any help, please reach out to or at 510-209-2166.


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