BOARD WATCH: Police-free schools update, ACOE’s conditional budget approval, and charter renewal submissions

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Note: You can watch the Zoom meeting by clicking on this link at 5:30pm, by calling (669) 900-9128, then entering the Webinar ID 853 7479 2974, then pressing “#”.  To learn more on how you can participate at these meetings and make a public comment click here.

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Item #20-1929

Last school year, the board passed the George Floyd Resolution,  a policy that commits to defunding  and dissolving the district’s police department. It also prompts the Superintendent to partner up with the community to design a safety plan by December 2020 that reimagines what police-free safe, healthy, and welcoming schools in Oakland will look like. Tonight, Superintendent Kyla Johnson-Trammell is sharing the two phases of this work: Compliance and Transformation:

As noted above, each of those phases will have a design team and a few working groups. The Compliance design team will include community organizations/partners focused on alternative responses, youth development and trauma and mental health. There will be four working groups, including:  Mental Health Crisis Response and Resource and Budget Planning. You can find more details on slide 9. You can find the timeline for this work below:

Item #20-2020

Last month, the Alameda County Office of Education (ACOE) reviewed and conditionally approved OUSD’s 2020-21 adopted budget pending an analysis on two items. 

Item 1: District’s 2019-20 Unaudited Actuals report by the required deadline of September 15 with an ending fund balance at, or near, the projection included in the Estimated Actuals.

Item 2: Revised Mid Year Projection that includes the fiscal impact of all collective bargaining agreements, like United Administrators of Oakland Schools (UAOS), and approved by the Board.

Tonight the District will be sharing their response to these items. ACOE will  review the response and make their final decision by November 8. 

The following charter schools up for renewal this fall will have the opportunity to submit all requests for new charter petitions, major amendments, material revisions, renewals, and conversions at tonight’s meeting: 

  • Achieve Academy – Item #20-2017
  • Lighthouse Community Charter School – Item #20-2018
  • Lodestar: A Lighthouse Community Public School – Item #20-2019
  • AIMS College Prep Middle School- Item #20-2039
  • AIMS College Prep High School – Item #20-2040

Public hearings are scheduled for October 21 and November 4. 

As OUSD begins the process for charter renewal, it’s important that they keep both quality and equity at the center of their decisions. Click here to see how these schools performed for low-income Black and Latino students in math and ELA on the 18-19 state tests. The district must continue their work from last year to create a common quality framework to fairly measure how both district and charter schools are impacting student learning and use this measure to drive high-stakes decisions such as these charter renewals as well as any future school mergers, closures, and expansions. Moreover with the cancelation of state testing last year due to the pandemic, the district must now draw from diverse sets of data to appropriately assess school quality as it makes these decisions. As always, we demand transparency around the tools and measures that will be used.

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