Election Day 2020’s results

Like many of you, we have been up late trying to make sense of vote counts and results pouring in from races all over the country, at all levels. Here’s what we know statewide and locally.

Prop 15 and Prop 16: 

GO endorsed both Proposition 15 (Schools & Communities First) and Proposition 16 (Opportunity For All), we watched the returns closely for each. Currently, Prop 15 is currently in a tight race: 51.7% no and 48.3% yes. It’s sadly looking like Prop 16 did not pass with 56.2% voting no, and 43.8% voting yes.

Measure QQ and Measure Y: 

Our community endorsed both Measure QQ (Youth Vote) and Measure Y (OUSD facilities bond) and we are so excited to report that they have both passed with very strong margins! Thank you, Oakland voters!

Oakland Unified School Board Areas 1, 3, 5, and 7: 

While there are still many votes yet to be counted (more than half in some cases), we think that the results below are likely to hold. 

Note: What we have below are unfortunately only inclusive of first choice votes. This year, the Rank Choice Voting tabulations aren’t as readily available as they have been in the past. We’re not sure why this is the case, but follow Oaklandside for results that should be publicly available. It does seem that the ranked choice process is not resulting in a meaningful difference for which candidates are leading. Alameda County will still be counting votes through November 20th. New results are posted here as they are updated.

  • District 1: Sam Davis currently leads in first-place votes before RCV.
  • District 3: VanCedric Williams currently leads in first-place votes before RCV.
  • District 5: Mike Hutchinson currently leads in first-place votes before RCV.
  • District 7: Dr. Clif Thompson currently leads in first-place votes before RCV.

We commit to work alongside these new school board directors to make sure students and families are at the center of the change they want to see in Oakland’s public schools. The challenges are immense and will only intensify with even deeper education funding problems looming in California.

When we founded GO Public Schools Oakland a decade ago, our goal was to build a movement that has our most marginalized and families at the heart of our work. We’ve stood by our values — community, educational justice, equity, impact, and hope — then, and now. We remain just as bold and unafraid to support a movement that has the most marginalized kids and families as our only focus. 

While not all of the results are what we hoped for, we are deeply proud of the GO community who put in the work for the type of Oakland in which they want to live – one where each and every child receives what she/he needs to thrive at school. We are grateful and we will continue to advocate with all of you.

Every election season brings with it wins and losses and the tension brought on by differences of opinion. As parents, educators, and adults, we have the responsibility to come together and do what’s best for our children. It’s our hope that, as we move forward, we are reminded of the future of the 50,000 young people in this community who need us all to work together on their behalf. 

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