Students finish their first year in-person since the start of the pandemic

Dear GO Community,

Congratulations to our students, their families, and teachers for completing a school year unlike any they’ve experienced before. Not only did our students and their support systems navigate the uncertainties of a global pandemic, they did so while adapting to new ways of learning, teaching, and working together. 

One of the many things this school year taught us is how essential the collaboration between educators and families are for student growth. When we launched our Gaining Ground report  earlier this year, families were able to see real-time data from iReady assessment tests showing the substantial literacy growth their students achieved in addition to areas that have potential for growth (click here for Spanish). The iReady assessment results and our Gaining Ground report allowed parents to gain a better understanding of where their students are and where they need to be by the end of each school year.

Results from the spring iReady assessments will not be sent automatically to parents and families of students in OUSD. However, all parents of K-5 students still have the power to ask for these results. We encourage parents to reach out to their teachers or school principal and ask for their child’s iReady assessment results.

What can parents do once they receive the assessment results?

  • Discuss the results with your child’s teacher or with their new teacher next year to better understand what your child’s strengths and growth areas are. 
  • Access personalized lessons and learning games that are individualized based on their child’s results through i-Ready. 
  • Reflect on the results with your child, celebrate their progress, and work through some of the lessons and learning games with them over the summer to keep them engaged and focused on growth.

In addition to personalized lessons and learning games through i-Ready, you can utilize our Family Literacy Guides, which were developed by national experts on literacy instruction and customized by Oakland educators. These guides were created in collaboration with Seek Common Ground and piloted by dozens of Oakland families who have already used them with their children. Click here for both English and Spanish versions of these guides.

Learning isn’t only done in the classroom or at home – we also encourage families to get outside and enjoy enriching activities at your local parks or community centers. 

Check out these summer activity guides to learn more about summer programs in your community:

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