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Democracy in Action at GO’s Candidate Interview Day

This past Sunday, August 5, GO hosted a critical event that comes around once every election cycle—school board candidate interviews. Nearly 100 Oaklanders, including parents, teachers, and community leaders, gathered in the GO offices, where they had a chance to meet and hear from candidates from Districts 2, 4, and 6. After getting to know these candidates, those in attendance were given the chance to weigh in on who GO should endorse.

Oakland’s Teacher Shortage, Inequality, and Our Underserved Kids
Teaching is a difficult profession, period. It takes a tremendous amount of energy to keep our students engaged. The challenge is amplified for teachers working… Read More
Powering Up with Data: Family Leaders Unite
JaQuita Covin was ready to step into her power as a parent advocating for her children. A mother of two, JaQuita knew that her children’s… Read More
New Highland Families Push for Change
Here is some exciting news about the work of family leaders at New Highland Academy.   After losing both fifth grade teachers and having substitute teachers… Read More
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