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1 in 5 Oakland voters don’t vote for school board members
With one week left, about half of the expected votes in Oakland have already been counted. But with so much attention on national races like… Read More
This is what democracy looks like!
Although this year’s election looks a little different, it’s still our volunteers who make us GO. Three months ago, over 200 Oaklanders came together for… Read More
Picking your top four candidates…
Voting is underway! If you’re researching and reading through your choices before finalizing your ballot – we wanted to help explain one unique aspect of… Read More
Oakland students are diverse, Oakland voters are not.
At GO, our elections work is racial equity work. We know that Oakland’s voter demographics do not reflect that of families with school-aged children. We… Read More
Our community interviewed the candidates for school board. Here’s the video. / Nuestra comunidad entrevistó a los candidatos de la junta escolar. Aquí está el video.
*Ver en español abajo. You’re probably familiar with political endorsements from politicians, newspapers, and various political clubs. Those endorsements and the process of how decisions… Read More
Cast your Vote: Should GO support two local ballot measures? / Emita su voto: ¿Debería GO apoyar dos medidas de votación locales?
*Ver en español abajo. This November’s election will be a critical one for Oakland schools with 4 out of the 7 Oakland school board seats… Read More
2020 School Board Candidate Endorsement Process

As part of our 2020 school board candidate endorsement process, GO Public Schools Oakland Advocates asked each candidate to complete a questionnaire.

These questionnaires provide critical information about the school board candidates. The feedback we gathered from the questionnaires help inform our Leadership Council’s decision about whether and whom to endorse.

VIDEO: Elections are complicated. Here’s why GO engages anyway.
This November, Oakland will elect four new school board members. This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to ensure that we elect a school board that is… Read More
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