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Budget Updates: 2019-20 1st Interim Report & Revisions Needed for Next Year’s Budget to Avoid Mid-Year Cuts
For more, click here for the full agenda. Note: If this meeting is “willfully interrupted, the Board may move to the Committee Room as soon… Read More
School Board Watch: Superintendent’s Workplan Priorities and Opportunity Ticket Update
For more, click here for the full agenda. Item #19-1636 Every year, the Board of Education develops and adopts a strategic work plan to identify… Read More
School Board Watch September 11, 2019: Voting on mergers/closures/expansions, closing the books on 2018-2019 budget
For more, click here for the full agenda. Items #19-1654, 19-1826, 19-1827 At the last school board meeting, OUSD staff discussed their recommendations for the… Read More
School Board Watch: Recommendations for school mergers, closures, and expansions
This week, the big item on the agenda is the presentation of district staff recommendations for school mergers and closures as part of Cohort 2… Read More
School Board Watch: Superintendent & Board Work Plans
Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year. A new school year means the Oakland Unified School District Board of Education will be meeting regularly again (approximately… Read More
Board Watch: June 19, 2019
The two big things on the agenda for this week’s Special Oakland School Board are: OUSD explores how to improve their approach in school re-configurationAfter… Read More
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