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With you, we can achieve a community where every child receives a quality education.

So long as Oakland’s highest-need students remain behind; so long as families struggle to support their children’s success; so long as educators lack development and support, we must be relentless in doing more — and doing better.

By working together as a coalition of educators, families, and community members, we have made great strides in gaining the policies and leadership we need to turn around our public schools. We need your support to ensure our public school system makes the positive, lasting changes we need for our schools and our students’ futures.


Donate to Families & Educators for Public Education

Donate to GO Public Schools Advocates political action committee, Families & Educators for Public Education, to assist our efforts to elect and pass candidates and measures that put students, schools and community needs first.

In 2014 and 2012, because of your support, GO endorsed school board candidates in six elections. Endorsements were made after a comprehensive community feedback and candidate research process. GO-endorsed candidates were supported by GO volunteer field campaigns and won five of six elections.

We also endorsed and campaigned for the successful Measure N in 2014 to expand college and career programs to all public high schools students. The passage of Measure N was supported by dozens of GO volunteers and brings $12 million a year to our schools.

Your contribution supports the efforts of hundreds of local volunteers that knock on doors, call residents, and inform and engage our community to participate in important but often neglected school board and related elections.

Every contribution makes a difference, particularly monthly recurring contributions that sustain our work over time

Donate to GO Public Schools Oakland Advocates

Donate to GO Public Schools Oakland Advocates to support our efforts to provide a quality school for every child in our city. Donors join a community of peers who inform our advocacy agenda and receive invitations to GO events.

Sustaining Members provide especially vital support by making a monthly contribution to the ongoing work of changing the public education system in Oakland.

Your contribution helps us to:

  • Provide information about our students and schools to our community
  • Organize and mobilize families, educators, and community allies to help expand opportunity for our students
  • Advocate for policies and practices that can change our students’ lives
  • Help elect great school board leaders that are accountable to all of Oakland’s public school students
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