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Commentary: Lets ensure the future of children in Oakland, Oakland Post, October 19, 2016
Endorsement: Oakland schools need strong, ethical leaders
, East Bay Times, October 20, 2016
Commentary: Discussing data makes public schools better, Ash Solar, East Bay Times, September 23, 2016
In The News: Oakland Achieves report offers comparison of charters and district-run schools, East Bay Times, September 21, 2016
In the News: California test scores: Amid gains in English and math, ethnic gap widens, East Bay Times, August 24, 2016
Interview: Coffee Break: Jonathan Klein on Oakland Schools, Jelly Jars and the Steph Effect, Education Post, May 11, 2016
From the Web: shout out for winning Making Democracy Works award,, April 28, 2016


In the News: OUSD meeting punctuated by arguments rolls out budget transparency, special ed plan, Oakland North, October 15, 2015
In the News: Oakland Schools underperform in reading, math; chronic absence rates improve, Bay Area News Group, September 22, 2015


In the News: Report shows “chronic absence” down in Oakland, but still a problem, Oakland North, October 13, 2014
Commentary: Letter to Editor, SF Chronicle, October 2, 2014
In the News: More Graduate From Oakland Schools But Most Not Ready For College, Oakland Local, September 29, 2014
In the News: Deep racial divide in Oakland schools’ attendance rates, SF Chronicle, September 27, 2014
In the News: Only 40 Percent of Oakland Kindergartners Ready to Start School, KQED, August 7, 2014
In the News: Talk and read to your baby, Hillary Clinton and local groups advise, Oakland Local, July 24, 2014
Commentary: My Word: Many productive ways to show appreciation to teachers, Oakland Tribune, June 16, 2014
In the News: New app shows Oakland schools’ academic performance right on your phone, Oakland Local, July 11, 2014
Commentary: Guest commentary: New Oakland schools superintendent must provide dynamic leadership, Oakland Tribune, April 10, 2014


In the News: Oakland school report is a joint effort, The San Francisco Chronicle, February 27, 2013
In the News: Report: GO Public Schools seeks community support in helping students achieve academically, Oakland Tribune, February 27, 2013
In the News: GO Public Schools releases ‘Oakland Achieves’ school progress report, Oakland Local, February 27, 2013


In the News: Local school power and a new system for assessing teachers, The Education Report, April 29, 2012
In the News: Superintendent Smith discusses state of OUSD in talk to educators, families, Oakland North, March 28, 2012
In the News: OUSD “mutual matching” proposal would change how teachers are assigned to schools. Oakland North, January 23, 2012


In the News: Schools Chief in the Hot Seat. Wall Street Journal, December 8, 2011
In the News: Oakland’s Potential School Closures, Oakland North, September 27, 2011
In the News: School closures on the horizon in Oakland, The Education Report, August 23, 2011
In the News: With more seats than students, conversations about school closures begin in OUSD Oakland North, March 2, 2011
In the News: How should OUSD respond to declining enrollment?, A Better Oakland, March 2, 2011
In the News: OUSD Teacher Layoffs: Why Los Angeles matters for Oakland (Opinion) Oakland Local, February 25, 2011
In the News: Make sure your input is included in OUSD’s 5-year strategic plan!Oakland Local. January 7, 2011
In the News: Oakland Education Policy 2011 Top 10 Wish List (Community Voice),Oakland Local. January 2, 2011


In the News: GO Public Schools’ wish list for 2011, The Education Report. December 30, 2010
In the News: The bleated scoop on OUSD task forces and meetings you want to attend, The Education Report. November 12, 2010
In the News: The Slow, Steady Revolution. Teach for America Alumni Magazine, Fall 2010
In the News: Voters’ Guide to help you choose–plus How to find your polling place, Oakland Local. October 29, 2010
In the News: In Oakland school board election, a dearth of candidates, The Bay Citizen. October 29, 2010
In the News: A proponent of Measure L weighs in, Oakland North. October 25, 2010
In the News: Who will be picked to join OUSD’s task forces and how?, The Education Report. October 22, 2010
In the News: Oakland school board voter guide now online, Oakland North. October 13, 2010
In the News: An Oakland voter’s guide courtesy of GO Public Schools, The Education Report. October 6, 2010
In the News: Taking a stance on public education, Oakland North. October 6, 2010
In the News: Oakland education supporters learn what it takes to be a school board member, Oakland Local. July 22, 2010
In the News: OUSD Superintendent Tony Smith defines strategy for Oakland public schools, Oakland Local. March 14, 2010
In the News: Great Oakland Public Schools hosts Thursday discussion of budget cuts, quality schools, Oakland Local. March 9, 2010
In the News: GO Public Schools hosts a breakfast gathering, Febuary 1, 2010
In the News: Two opportunities to get involved and weigh in on the future of the City budget, A Better Oakland. January 21, 2010


In the News: A warm welcome to this year’s new Oakland bloggers. You guys rock!, A Better Oakland. December 31, 2009
In the News: Survey:Oakland principals like to control their own budgets, The Education Report. December 2, 2009
In the News: New school head Tony Smith: “This is the future of democracy.”,Oakland North. September 28, 2009
In the News: A new Oakland schools coalition: Will you join?, The Education Report. July 7, 2009

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