Who We Are // Our Impact

Endorsing Student-Focused Candidates

Since 2012, GO has endorsed candidates who make student learning their highest priority and have the leadership needed to make change in our schools. GO-endorsed candidates have championed critical issues for Oakland students, including a comprehensive policy for improving schools, the African American Male Achievement Program, and an improved process for supporting and evaluating educators.

Increasing Civic Engagement

GO has organized hundreds of volunteers to knock on over 20,000 doors and make over 100,000 phone calls to discuss the importance of great leaders for students. These efforts have increased the profile of the Oakland school board. Between 2000 and 2010, 48% of Oakland school board races were uncontested. Since 2012, when GO began to engage in elections, there have been no uncontested races.

GO also works to shine a light on the operations of our Board of Education. Since 2009, GO’s Board Watch has lowered barriers to participation and strengthened understanding of our local education policy and decision-making process by summarizing and sharing school board meeting agendas and content.

Bringing Millions of Dollars to Oakland Students

The efforts of GO Public Schools Oakland Advocates helped ensure the passage of Measure J in 2012 and Measure N in 2014. These ballot initiatives will bring over $120 million for the development of college and career readiness programs in Oakland high schools and nearly $500 million to repair and modernize Oakland school facilities.

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