Why I GO
"Working at GO marks a full circle movement for me. Back to reforming an education system that has been historically cruel to low income communities. Back to using our political voice to shape the type of school district we deserve. Back to building a grassroots movement of families and educators that are concerned with one goal – the success of Oakland students."
Vince Steele

Vince Steele

Political Director

I’ve always been led to roles where I’m able to play a part in helping communities realize their collective power. I’m inspired by the way community organizing can reform broken systems, create movements and disrupt the status quo.  This informs my work as Political Director.  As a former union organizer, I represented teachers and classified employees in the country’s second largest school district – Los Angeles Unified. Mainly working in the underserved communities of South Los Angeles, I witnessed what lack of educational resources does to a community. I also learned the power of using politics for social change. My work as Organizing Director at the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights focused on the broken criminal justice system. Working with community to shift resources away from systems of oppression and into programs, services and job opportunities that build our community.

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