Vote Gary Yee for Oakland School Board!



“Gary Yee the obvious choice for Oakland School Board

Voters should jump at the opportunity and take advantage of [Gary’s] expertise and leadership style. He’s what students, the district and the board need: A calm, thoughtful leader who isn’t doctrinaire and has experience as a teacher, principal, superintendent and trustee.”

-East Bay Times Editorial Board


The Oakland school district faces serious financial challenges. The school board needs an experienced leader, educator, and parent to do what’s right for children.

A lifelong educator, Gary has the classroom experience to hold schools accountable for educating every child. He has been a classroom teacher and principal, a professor at Holy Names University, an interim OUSD superintendent, and currently volunteers to support adults learning English. He graduated from and sent his children and grandchildren to OUSD public schools.
Dr. Yee also has the perfect experience to help lead the Oakland Unified School District through its current financial challenges. When the State was forced to take control of the school district in 2003 because of unprecedented financial troubles, Gary led efforts to bring the district back to local control by stabilizing spending and upgrading financial management systems. In fact, he even led the school board to adopt balanced budgets through the Great Recession.
As interim superintendent, he delivered a balanced budget, a $2 million surplus, and a 3% reserve to his successor. That’s the type of leadership Oakland families deserve.


“We need strong leadership on the Oakland School Board, grounded in reality.

Gary Yee has walked the walk in his over 40 years of experience as an educator. No other candidate is better prepared to turn things around and leave our school district in a better financial place.”

-Oakland Vice Mayor Annie Campbell-Washington


“Gary is the right leader at the right time.

He believes Oakland families deserve quality schools in every neighborhood. With our children’s future at stake, Gary is going to make the tough choices we need to turn things around financially at the Oakland Unified School District.”

-Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf

Gary Yee is endorsed by a diverse group of education leaders, educators, and community leaders.*

Libby Schaaf, Mayor, City of Oakland
Annie Campbell-Washington, Vice Mayor, Oakland City Councilmember District 4
Aimee Eng, OUSD School Board President District 2
Jody London, OUSD School Board Director District 1
Nina Senn, OUSD School Board Director District 4
James Harris, OUSD School Board Director District 7
Dick Spees, Oakland City Councilmember District 4 (retired)
Wilma Chan, Alameda County Supervisor, District 3
Denise Saddler, Principal, Montclair Elementary School
Darren Avent, Principal, Montera Middle School
Steven Daubenspeck, Principal, Thornhill
Nancy Bloom, Former Principal, Skyline High, Montclair Elementary
Dante Ruiz, Principal, Global Family
Will Chavarin, Principal, Castlemont High School
Michael Peters, Teacher, Montera Middle School
Mark Louie, Teacher, Hoover Elementary School
Awele Makeba, Teacher, Skyline High School
Richard Thompson, Teacher, Thornhill Elementary School
David Caven, Teacher, Horace Mann Elementary School
Carol Pancho Ash, Teacher, Sequoia Elementary School (retired)
Connie Branson, Teacher, Lincoln Elementary School (retired)
Kathy Maloney, Principal, Sequoia Elementary Schools (retired)
Katie McLane, Principal, Kaiser Elementary School (retired)
Yvonne Allara, Principal, Oakland High School (retired)
Julina Bonilla, Peralta Colleges, Trustee, Area 7
Karen Weinstein, Peralta Colleges, Trustee, Area 6
Nicky Gonzalez-Yuen, Peralta Colleges, Trustee, Area 4
Joaquin Rivera, Alameda County Office of Education, Trustee, Area 1
Elsa Ortiz, AC Transit District Board of Directors, President, Ward 3

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