BOARD WATCH: Summer School Update, Reparations for Black Students, and more…

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You can watch the Zoom meeting by clicking on this link at 5:30pm or by calling (669) 900-9128, then entering the Webinar ID 892 8142 0610, then pressing “#”. 

Item #21-0220

In addition to the Superintendent’s regular report items (COVID dashboard, learning hubs updates, attendance updates, and distance learning highlights), Dr. Kyla Johnson-Trammell will be sharing updates on the following:

  • Black History Month Events: The Equity Office will be hosting a series of events this month such as Virtual Black College Expo events, Racial Justice Professional Development for educators, and others  to amplify student, family and staff voices from OUSD’s African American community. Slide 4.
  • Sports Conditioning Update: OUSD opened up sports (cheerleading, cross country, girls volleyball and football) conditioning for high school students. You can check out schedules and the RSVP form here. Slide 11.
  • Summer Learning Update: OUSD will be offering summer school to up to 6,000 students (in-person and online options available) beginning in July. See details below in the image.
  • On Track to Graduation: A summary of A-G requirements (college readiness) for high school graduates and how OUSD is planning to strategically track them. Slides 16-19.

Item #21-0113

The school board asked OUSD to present the successes and challenges learned from Oakland in the Middle Campaign and identify how the learnings can impact future support for boosting schools’ enrollments. While grade 6 enrollment has increased by 4% since the 18-19 school year, they continue to face the challenges (see below). Based on their learnings, OUSD is presenting a list of recommendations to address each of the identified challenges that include: using social media to provide information about schools to families, having a system to help OUSD understand what characteristics of schools families desire, and working with school site staff to call families and support the online process. 

Item #21-0194

Today, school board Director Williams, Director Hutchinson, and Director Thompson are introducing the Reparations for Black Students resolution that directs the Superintendent to take all steps necessary to eliminate the Black student opportunity gap across all schools by 2025. Opportunity gaps include high suspension rates for Black students, recruitment, development, and retention of Black educators, and other structural racism. This policy calls on a list of emergency actions to take due to the pandemic impact and a list of 17 actions to complete by 2025, such as establishing a Black Student and Families Thriving Task Force, creating a Black Thriving Fund, presenting a Black Student Thriving Plan, conducting a “Literacy Audit”, and continuing the implementation of the George Floyd Resolution.

Item #21-0313 

Tonight, Chief Business Office, Lisa Grant, will be giving the Board more context about the Fiscal Vitality Plan 2018-20 and  presenting the Fiscal Sustainability Plan for 2021-23. Given that OUSD is in a better financial position and the previous plan expired, OUSD needs a new plan that accurately reflects the District’s financial situation. It is also an opportunity for the new board to understand OUSD’s finances better. The Fiscal Sustainability Plan 2021-23 will include the following:

  • History and Implementation of Fiscal Vitality Plan
  • Additional Improvement Areas
  • AB 1840
  • New Fiscal Pressures
  • Priorities
    • Budget and Operational Practices
    • Budget Development and Stakeholder Engagement
    • School Quality and Enrollment
    • Use of Restricted Resources
    • Ability to Make Difficult Decisions

This plan is scheduled to  be reviewed for feedback by the Budget and Finance Committee tomorrow and will come back to the board for approval on February 24. 

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